Rainout policy

Outdoor leagues run rain or shine unless there is standing water on the field (which can wreck the fields) or thunder and lightning. Coordinators will cancel the game if they can hear thunder or see lighting. Play cannot resume until 30 minutes after the last thunder was heard or lightning was spotted.
Play Sask will make every effort to inform captains of cancellations due to extreme weather two hours before the start of the game.
Sometimes, in spite of our best intentions, the weather can turn for the worse after we make the decision to play. In the case of a sudden turn in the weather, Play Sask Event Coordinators have the ability to cancel play anytime if conditions worsen.
If Play Sask decides that scheduled games are on, and a team chooses not to compete, they will be considered in default and will be subject to the Play Sask default policy.
If a game is cancelled at halftime or later, the score will be recorded as it was when the game was called, and the game won't be rescheduled. If the game is cancelled before halftime, captains should confirm with each other and the coordinator that they would like to reschedule the game if possible.
We will make every effort to reschedule cancelled games, but may not be able to due to space and time restrictions.