Outdoor Soccer Rules
All players in all sports are bound by Play Sask’s policies & procedures. We want you to have fun and make friends in a safe, welcoming environment; teams that do not adhere to our Code of Conduct as outlined in the Policies & Procedures will be dealt with accordingly.

The team

    Each team has 6 players on the field. There is no goalie. There are no gender requirements.
    Unlimited subs at any time during play. Subs must enter the field after the other player comes off the field.
    Subs who are not on the roster are allowed to play, but need to sign a waiver online before playing.
    You need at least 5 players to start the game. If you don’t have the minimum, you lose by default.

The Basics

    Games are played with two 25 minute halves.
    Teams will change sides at half-time.
    There is no offside in this league.

Starting the game

    Captains should ensure that the goal creases, lines, and sidelines are clearly outlined before starting the game.
    Captains will decide which team starts with the ball.
    The ball does not need to move forward at kick off.
    Players cannot score directly from kick off.
    After a goal has been scored, the game shall be restarted by a kick off, to be taken by a player of the team against which the goal was scored.

Out of Play

    The ball is out of play when the whole ball crosses the sideline or goal-line.
    If the ball is out of play the opposing team will be given a throw-in (sideline) or corner kick (goal-line).
    Kick-ins from a team’s own goal-line must occur from the goal-line.
    Throw-ins must be completed with both hands, and feet remaining on the ground.
    The player taking the corner-kick must not play or touch the ball a second time before it has been played or touched by another player. A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick.

Ending the game

    At the end of each game the captains will agree on the final score.

Uniforms and equipment

    Play Sask will bring the equipment and set up the fields.
    Players are required to come to games with a light and dark coloured shirt to ensure there isn’t a conflict (both teams wearing the same colour jersey).
    NO metal cleats.
    Shin pads are optional, but strongly recommended.


    Games are self-officiated. You are responsible for calling your own fouls.
    Play Sask encourages teammates to help officiate each other in a friendly way.
    In the event of a foul the game will stop, and the opposing team will be given a free kick (see below).
Fouls include (accidentally and on purpose)
    Physical contact: Tripping, kicking, holding or pushing an opponent
    Slide tackling
    Hand/arms making contact with the ball.

Free kick

    The free kick is taken from the place where the infringement occurred.
    The player taking the free-kick must not play or touch the ball a second time until it has been played or touched by another player.
    All free-kicks are indirect (you cannot score a goal directly).
    During a free kick the opposing team must stand 10 feet away.

What’s different from other leagues?

    There is no offside.
    There are no gender requirements.


There will be two weeks of playoffs at the end of the season. The top four teams will play in the playoffs, and the remaining teams will play a just-for-fun match. No new subs can play during the playoffs (no ringers).
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